• Kharkiv – the largest scientific, cultural, industrial and transport center, the second most populous city in Ukraine
  • Ferris Wheel at the Kharkiv Gorky Park — the highest in Ukraine. His height — 55 meters
  • Kharkiv is the city with a powerful intellectual potential
  • Kharkiv is a industrial giant
  • International airport "Kharkiv" is able to accept and serve over 1 million passengers per year
  • Ukrainian "Disneyland." In Kharkiv was built the most modern amusement park and recreation
  • Kharkiv — source of manpower and university capital of Ukraine
  • The design of the stadium "Metalist" by the unofficial name "spider" is able to withstand an 8-magnitude earthquake
  • In Kharkiv Metro first appeared vaulted station
  • The city is ready to increase tourism activity with a different theme and scale
  • Kharkiv is famous for its scientific progress


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Latest news


For three days, from 27 to 29 April, Kharkiv became the center of Fashion attraction and magnet for those whose work or hobbies were related with fashion.


Dear designers, representatives of companies in the sphere of light industry! We invite you to take part in the largest fashion festival and style of Kharkiv Fashion, the organization of which is held with the official support of the Ukrainian Fashion Week.


Within the framework of the image project "Kharkiv Fashion" the All-Ukrainian contest of young designers "Start Fashion" will be held for the first time.


February 13, in the Kharkov city council held a meeting of the Association of Ukrainian Cities together with USAID «The development of the course to strengthen local self-government in Ukraine».
Participants in the event are representatives of territorial communities from different regions of Ukraine, heads of economic departments of local governments and other regional centers.


The investment attractiveness of Kharkiv

Kharkiv – Strategy of Success!

Official video of KharkivFashion 2017

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  • IT Cluster
  • Aerospace Cluster "Mechatronics"
  • Cluster NTU KPI
  • Cluster of Culture and Tourism of Kharkiv Region
  • Kharkiv energy cluster

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