For three days, from 27 to 29 April, Kharkiv became the center of Fashion attraction and magnet for those whose work or hobbies were related with fashion.

It is the first time, when such a large-scale fashion event was held in Kharkiv.
The high level always starts with small things. Usual podiums and simplified decorations are not the format of Kharkiv Fashion. This decision was accepted by organizers from the first day, and they set up a high and important goal – to make the best catwalk in the city and an enchanting presentation of a powerful creative potential of Kharkiv design school and city producers, to attract investors and create Kharkiv Light Industry Cluster!

Grand Open of «Kharkiv Fashion» on April 28 and all of the fashion shows on April 29 were held in the most modern hotel of the city – Premier Palace Hotel Kharkiv.

Press Conference

Kharkiv Fashion started with a press conference. Communication with the press lasted about an hour. There were touched such topics as: senses of Kharkiv Fashion, Kharkiv design school potential, why Ukrainian Fashion Week supported the project, the results of young designers competition Start Fashion and the cluster principle with its benefits for industry.

The speakers of the press conference were:

    • Victoria Gretska-Myrgorodska, initiator of the project, head of Investment Development and Image Projects division of Kharkiv City Council

«I started choosing cloth made by Ukrainian designers more often. Today, I'm wearing a beautiful dress by designer Valerie Nemushenko, the look for a business-forum, that will be held tomorrow is a mixture of TM «Zhuravel» and Andre Tan brand. And I'm convinced that Kharkiv City Development Strategy 2020, that we have created and follow starting from this year – is a strategy of sustainable development of our uniqueness.
Kharkiv design school was and remains one of the strongest and most distinctive in Ukraine. The development of its potential is one of the priorities in the direction of strengthening the socio-economic development of the city.
2On April 28-29 in Kharkiv there will be held the main fashion event of the region – Kharkiv Fashion, officially supported by Ukrainian Fashion Week. It is aimed to give new life to the powerful design and productive potential of Kharkiv. The ambitious idea of creating a Kharkiv Fashion Cluster (Kharkiv cluster of fashion and light industry) will allow the industry to take a powerful leap forward.»

    • Irina Danilevska, head of Ukrainian Fashion Week committee

«Kharkiv always had the best industrial design school in Ukraine. Today we can say with confidence that Kharkiv is ready to become the best in fashion design.
It is important that organizers of the event immediately took on the challenging tasks, but I believe that Kharkiv can not only present the design and production potential in fashion shows, but also introduce Kharkiv and Ukrainian designers to the citizens and guests at the location of the Designer Market. It is important that Kharkiv citizens should love their designers so that they can wear "their designer" so that citizens can appreciate clothing made in Kharkiv for quality and creativity. Only "starting from itself" Kharkiv forms the high authority of its designers in Ukraine and throughout the world.»

    • Andre Tan, well-known Ukrainian designer

«Kharkiv Fashion is such a youth creative with fundamental production.»

    • Alexandra Kakurina, head of Designer Cooperation Department, Ukrainian fashion Week

«The finalists of the young designers competition Start Fashion turned the final contest into a design holiday. And collections from the Upcycling category are the unique trend where Kharkiv has shown itself unexpectedly, but justified and daring in good sense of this word.»

    • Golda Vinogradska, Ukrainian designer, adviser to the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine on vocational education

«Kharkiv is the first city that have experimented with a unique format for combining the business site and fashion shows of known and novice designers. The future cluster is a giant step forward. Clustering format will significantly facilitate exports to the EU and other countries of the world.»

Grand Open

The Ukrainian designer known in the world fashion-space, kharkovite Andre Tan, was not invited accidentally as an emcee of Kharkiv Fashion.

The Ukrainian brand Andre Tan became a symbol of opportunities. The well-known designer shared the secrets of his success with guests of the event in his presentation "Fashion as business".

The first day of Kharkiv Fashion started as a winners demonstration of young designers competition Start Fashion. The last one was a tender and luxurious, grand collection "Gaijin" by Elena Stepanova – a young designer from Kharkiv who won the Grand Prix of the Competition.

Young Kharkiv designers received the first places in various categories:

GRADUATION collection, by Churilova Olga

FOLK FASHION nomination
TOUCH OF TENDER collection, by Pozdnyakova Natalia

FACTURE collection, by Teslenko Lana and Elena Maystra

UPCUCLING nomination
HOW FULL AM I collection, by Drozdek Julia, Sobolev Alexiy

ART FASHION nomination
BACK TO ANCIENT collection, by Tarnavsky Oleg

Kardash Sofia

ZAKARPATSKIY MIX collection, by Bigari Natalia, Kuznetsov Olga, Panusova Natalia

The main fashion show block was opened with a collection of Ukrainian Fashion Week resident – SAYYA by Luba Makarenko.

On that day, guests of the event were presented collections of other resident designers of Ukrainian Fashion Week. Brand KOMASHNYA (by designers Maxim and Margarita Komashnya) from Sumy, the self-titled brand of brothers Alexander and Sergei CHUYKO from Dnipro. In a block with a collection of well-known Kharkiv designer Amina Gasem, these collections demonstrated energy and diversity of designers collections from different cities of Ukraine.

Man brand Tamir, demonstrated the quality and comfort of their suits by inviting not traditional models, but workouters, whose defile with elements of acrobatics amazed the audience, and the hall was hit by applause after several dizzy team tricks.

The fact that the costumes are not only beautiful but also very strong was proved on Kharkiv Fashion catwalk.

Kharkiv designer Alexander Bevzyuk and his trademark Casso-Cazzo switched the attention of guests to women's beauty and summer. The designer presented luxurious swimsuits, reminding of evening gowns fragments.

The defile of RicaMare shops network and brand of women's clothes by TM Origa continued the show block.

The final show of the first day was the show by brand Lia Syn. A tender and refined collection was created by the designer specifically for Kharkiv Fashion.

2-nd Day

The second day of the project showed incredible thematic blocks and nearly 30 fashion shows!

The most important event of the second day was the business forum "Fashion Industry. Kharkiv. Strategy of Success", Харьков. where there was signed a Memorandum on the establishment of Kharkiv Cluster of Design and Light Industry.

The show "Life is Life" amazed with its love of life. Models and designers with disabilities together with Sun children took part in this show. It's joy, tears and support. An atmosphere that cannot be forgotten by audience, models and authors of the collections that were shown in this block.

Of course, guests of Kharkiv Fashion will remember tender ethno fby Valerie Nemushenko and brand "Zhuravel", vintage and finesse from the "Bugrim-Atelier", a modern Kharkiv print from the designer Natali Davidova.

The audience also saw the collections:

  • Polagina
  • Grishko Design
  • «Family look» by Bugrim Atelier
  • Q-k
  • Woolbook
  • SRF Wardrobe Creator и Iris by PrimRose
  • Jay Showroom
  • Elena Pervomayskaya
  • Dock
  • ТМ Komarov Artem
  • ТМ Frizman
  • ТМ Golda
  • ТМ Origa
  • Elena Filonova

Final Block

Subtle and sensual evening fashion. This block included Kharkiv designer Naira Nersy with a collection "Spring Breeze" and the brand Dominiss.

Kharkiv Fashion also visited by foreign guests -potential investors: Mr. Marco Tosson, Honorary consul of Ukraine in Italy, Alexander Marcus, Head of the board of the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and other representatives of the International Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Absolutely all the representatives of foreign delegations noted the highest level of content and organization of the event. According to foreign guests, Kharkiv Fashion can give a boost to mutually beneficial cooperation and possible partners business development. And the establishment of the Light Industry and Design Cluster in Kharkiv will become a green light for investors, since in addition to the benefits to industry, clustering in developed countries is seen as the highest level of economic development and investors are more willing to invest in cluster economy.

Kharkiv Fashion flared up as a bright star, showing the way and opportunities for promotion of dozens of talented designers in Kharkiv and their investment development.

Having received the annual perspective, the event has all chances to become the most significant event in the East of Ukraine. Everyone who crossed the Premier Palace Hotel Kharkiv on these days found his place here and was caught in a world of harmony, comfort and style. From the aesthetic pleasure, to the possibility of "walking around" nearly fifty Kharkiv show rooms. No guest has left without a photo on the podium or in a photo area or without a postcard Kharkiv Fashion, thrown into one of the mailboxes decorated by Kharkiv designers for the stand of "Post of Goodness".

The Italian delegation called Kharkiv "Ukrainian Milan", and got a joky answer from organizers that their task is not to inherit foreign brands, but to create their own. And to take the position among the most powerful European centers of fashion and design in the consciousness of world public. And then, reflecting world trend, Kharkiv Fashion will initiate its own.

Irina Pochapska


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