February 13, in the Kharkov city council held a meeting of the Association of Ukrainian Cities together with USAID «The development of the course to strengthen local self-government in Ukraine».
Participants in the event are representatives of territorial communities from different regions of Ukraine, heads of economic departments of local governments and other regional centers.

Analyst for Local Economic Development Association of Cities of Ukraine Igor Pittsik noted that the results of the meeting will form the basis for developing the strategy and work plan for the ACU in 2017. Among the important issues that need to be addressed – is the financing of the combined communities, the creation of industrial parks in the cities, empowering and enhancing the status of local governments.

Also addressed the issue of improving the interaction potential investors with local authorities, the simplification of procedures to attract investment and obtaining the necessary approvals at both the state level and at the regional level.

Igor Pittsik said that the issue of investment opportunities of any city is very important. A major role in this is played by local authorities because it is it shows what the town attractive for investors.

Deputy Director of the sub – Department – Head of the Department of Investment and Developmentimage projects of the Department of Family,Youth and Sport of KharkovCity Council V. Gretska-Mirgorodska reported that the investment attractiveness of Kharkiv questions spelled out in the city's development strategy, which was adopted last year at the session of the City Council.

«As far as work strategy, we will assess by the end of 2017. But we have already started its implementation. We were founded upon the public wishes, together with experts from different fields we have identified the most important issues for the development of the city, which are reflected in this document.» – said V. Gretska-Mirgorodska.

Also at the meeting were presented the draft work plan of association and the legal card industry reform "Sustainable Economic Development", which was developed by the Association of Ukrainian Cities.

Source: www.city.kharkov.ua