Work on attraction of grant funds to the city's economy is one of the priority directions of the Management of investment development and promotion project of the Kharkiv city Council. With the aim to learn experience from the attraction of grants from the leader of this direction in Ukraine and offer joint efforts in the future all-Ukrainian joint projects – Management team went to Lviv "Institute Mista".


Today, "Institute Mista" – the absolute leader in number of successful projects. "Institute Mista" is actively cooperating with international institutions for solving relevant problems through projects, acts as the initiator of national and international events.
Thanks to the "Institute Mista" the level of strategic planning the city – the highest in Ukraine. "Institute Mista" can successfully coordinate the implementation of a Comprehensive development Strategy of competitiveness and developing other sectoral strategies concerned with improving the quality of planning and forecasting for the town.

To your attention is an interview with the deputy of director and manager of projects KU "Institute Mista" in Lviv, by Anastasiya Zagaynoyu.