• Kharkiv – the largest scientific, cultural, industrial and transport center, the second most populous city in Ukraine
  • Ferris Wheel at the Kharkiv Gorky Park — the highest in Ukraine. His height — 55 meters
  • Kharkiv is the city with a powerful intellectual potential
  • Kharkiv is a industrial giant
  • International airport "Kharkiv" is able to accept and serve over 1 million passengers per year
  • Ukrainian "Disneyland." In Kharkiv was built the most modern amusement park and recreation
  • Kharkiv — source of manpower and university capital of Ukraine
  • The design of the stadium "Metalist" by the unofficial name "spider" is able to withstand an 8-magnitude earthquake
  • In Kharkiv Metro first appeared vaulted station
  • The city is ready to increase tourism activity with a different theme and scale
  • Kharkiv is famous for its scientific progress

7 reasons to Invest in Kharkiv

The highest investment rating in Ukraine: rate invAA

1. The highest investment rating in Ukraine: rate invAA

Rating invAA - excellent investment appeal.

The high rating of investment attractiveness of Kharkiv due to the city's significance as one of the largest cities of Ukraine and the regional centre.

The successful combination of powerful industrial, educational, human resources and climatic conditions, an attractive geographical location repeatedly reinforce the benefits in comparison with other ukrainian cities as the center of attraction of investments into Ukraine. For a long time these opportunities were constrained by lack of significant levers of providing benefits to investors and the strategy of building relations between the government and investors.

Today, one of the priorities of the city administration is to strengthen the investment attractiveness of Kharkiv and the increasing amount of foreign investments in the economy of the city. Actions to improve the management level in the city, including - to improve the investment climate, together with the coordination of actions of representatives of local authorities in addressing the key issues of city life, create the potential for growth in economic performance in several sectors of the economy.

In Kharkiv, always high levels of socio-economic development, some of them are above average in Ukraine on per capita. For example, such as the implementation of the industrial production, retail sales and fiscal capacity. The activity of foreign investors in the city is sufficient, but is accompanied by a decrease in the volume of foreign investment. The city has a large number of health facilities, education and culture, financial institutions. Having all the transport infrastructure. Indicators of household incomes are below the average income level in the country.

There is decreasing of the population due to the natural reduction. Nowadays general modernization and reconstruction of infrastructural nature is in realization, due to the need to eliminate the deterioration of engineering and transport networks, housing and communal services and other similar objects. This is in process of doing, including with the participation of international financial institutions.

Experts rating agency IBI-Rating, which evaluated the investment attractiveness of Kharkiv, note that the rating positively can be affected by: improving the regulatory framework and the successful realization of the basic programs of city development, the growth of all indicators of socio-economic development up to the national level, improved infrastructure.

Negative impact on the ranking will be caused by: further deterioration of infrastructure, identification of complaints from investors on the activities of local authorities, the deterioration in the city's development, as well as reducing the volume of investment.

To carry out an analytical study materials obtained from the city of Kharkiv were used, including:

  • indicators of socio-economic development
  • Materials statistical bulletins
  • annual treasury reporting
  • program materials
  • other necessary internal information
  • as well as information from public sources, which rating agency IBI-Rating considered reliable

Report Kharkiv 01-02 up to revise the rating and ranking of investment attractiveness of Kharkiv.


The best conditions in Ukraine for investment

The best conditions in Ukraine for investment

For today formed a portfolio of investment projects and deeply studied the question the possibility of creating a special municipal investment regime and favorable conditions for investors, which may allow both internal, Ukrainian and foreign investors to get support in the development of investment projects and to feel more confident in a new market. At this stage, formed a fundamentally new case for investor - Navigator - who will determine the steps and actions of the investor that he needs to do to create and develop their own investment project in Kharkiv.

In the framework of case management specialists investment development and promotion project of the Kharkiv city Council will provide the maximum comprehensive advisory support to investors and also will offer for investment ready and competitive municipal investment projects.

Kharkiv headed by the Association of Cities of Europe Prize-Winners

Kharkiv headed by the Association of Cities of Europe Prize-Winners

Kharkiv - the first and only city in Ukraine, which has a full complement of the Council of Europe awards:

  • table Europe
  • Diploma
  • Honorary Flag
  • Europe Prize

The system of the Council of Europe Awards is an important tool in improving relations between all countries and citizens of Europe and the propagation of the idea of a united Europe. It established by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Council of Europe in 1955. European Diploma - the first step on the way to receiving the award in Europe. The next three are : Honor Diploma, Honorary Flag and Europe Prize.

These awards receive municipalities and regions in Europe for European activities, the development of friendship and cooperation between European regions and the deepening of relations between them. Getting the European awards, not only greatly improves the status of the city, but also opens up opportunities for cooperation with promising cities and regions, as well as with international organizations and foundations.

June 26, 2003 in Strasbourg (France) held an official ceremony of awarding the city the European Diploma for outstanding contribution to the spread of the idea of European unity and the restructuring of the European Community. In a year, on the 30th of April, Honorary Council of Europe Flag was awarded to Kharkiv city council.

Council of Europe's flag symbolizes the blue sky of the Western world, where 12 golden stars arranged in a circle, embody the union of Europeans. 12 stars invariably mean a symbol of perfection.

Table of Honor - the second most important award of the Council of Europe.Kharkiv was awarded the August 23, 2008 in recognition of the fact that the authorities of Kharkiv and citizens are doing a lot to promote their culture in the world and Europe.

Europe Prize - in April 2010, Kharkiv was awarded the highest European Union award.

This is the highest award, which honors the municipalities and regions of Europe. The prize consists of a commemorative awards, medals, diplomas and scholarships for young people from the winning town that will go to study in Europe.

The award was presented by the President of PACE Mevlut Cavusoglu. He noted that the Council of Europe Award for the first time arrives in Ukraine and "all Council of Europe members were pleasantly surprised when we took the decision, the fact that Kharkiv was able to develop so many strong links with sister cities and partners. A large number of people took part in this amazing event, and for them it was a great acquisition. We want to thank Kharkiv for their participation in this work."


Kharkiv. Euro – 2012

Kharkiv. Euro – 2012

"Euro 2012 will be equated with the big European football festival", - said in a letter of thanks UEFA President Michel Platini in the name of the mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes.

In a letter Platini thanked for the high level of the matches of Euro 2012 in Kharkiv.

According to the words of Michel Platini : «It should be given a special gratitude to all city services that have ensured the appointment of the fans and appropriate work of public transport, efficient organization of fan zones, as well as the creation of the stadium infrastructure».

In turn, the head of the department of interaction with governmental bodies UEFA Andreas Sher noted that the transport service in Kharkiv was the best among the host cities during the Euro 2012 championship.

An important factor in assessing the level of Euro 2012 in Kharkiv has become a social event, organized by order of the Netherlands Embassy in Ukraine. During the Euro 2012 matches in Kharkiv appeared billboards with the words "Thank you, Kharkiv!" from the Dutch fans.

IT capital of Ukraine. The city of innovation. Industry 4.0.

IT capital of Ukraine. The city of innovation. Industry 4.0.

It is located in Kharkov, the largest Ukrainian IT-cluster. Here are about 70 IT companies.

Kharkiv national University of radio electronics, as well as dozens of professional courses at these IT companies, has formed a strong personnel reserve specialists in this field.

In the picture of the economy of the city more clearly silhouetted the clustered features. A business that used to work by himself, today came to understand a much higher return on investment and efficiency of processes, born from the synergy of education, science, modern production facilities, good infrastructure and well-honed sales skills, united on the principle of using the latest technology and maximum automation of business and production processes.

Worldwide clusters, built on a similar principle, gaining speed several times faster than classic heavy models.

The scientific community of Kharkiv supports and implements these principles in the development of cluster models in all sectors of the economy.

Today Kharkiv is ready to present to investors a number of municipal projects in real estate and construction, retail, new information technology and many others, created in the spirit of Industry 4.0, which initially causes a high potential economic efficiency of these projects.

Kharkiv ІТ-cluster


Political and economic stability

Political and economic stability

The dynamic growth of economic indicators and political stability in Kharkiv, where the credibility of local authorities and the authority of the head of the city repeatedly confirmed the results of the elections is the key to systematic development of city all sectors of the economy and support initiatives of the municipality among Kharkiv residents.

The trust and support of the EBRD and the World Bank

The trust and support of the EBRD and the World Bank

In particular, Kharkiv completes negotiations with EBRD to allocate credit for the construction of a third line of Kharkiv underground. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and European Investment Bank city of Kharkiv willing to give credit in the amount of about 310 million euros for the construction of metro stations "Derzhavin" and "Odessa" and the construction electrodepot art. m. "Victory" and the purchase of new cars. According to experts, the agreement on the allocation of loan can be signed at the end of the year, and the construction of the subway, then, could begin in early 2017. Also, the World Bank decided to finance energy saving programs.

107.5 million UAH of credit funds World Bank to allocate to activities related to the replacement of equipment CP "Kharkiv heat networks".

At the power plant will be reconstructed piece of equipment, in particular turbogenerator №2. Its reconstruction will give the opportunity to produce 160 million kW / h per year and save an additional 6 million cubic meters of gas.

The Plan of modernization of TPP-3 on the idea of restoring energy facilities combined (cogeneration) heat and electricity. Project payback - 6 years.



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Leading enterprises of the aerospace industry and the universities of Kharkov
combined in a cluster "Mechatronics"

When a cluster is created.

Leading enterprises of the aerospace industry of Ukraine together with NTU "KPI", KNURE, N.E. Zhukovsky UNAM "HAI" and V.N. Karazin KNU at the conference in PJSC "FED" December 11, 2015 established a regional aerospace cluster "Mechatronics". NTU "KPI" was the initiator of the "Mechatronics" regional aerospace cluster.

The purpose of the cluster

Improving the training of highly qualified personnel for the process of aerospace industry. Execution of research and development aimed at solving urgent problems of these enterprises.

Cluster members:
  • SE «Antonov»
  • FED Corporation
  • National Aerospace University
  • NTU «KPI»
  • N.E. Zhukovsky UNAM "HAI"
  • V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University
  • Motor Sich
  • Zaporozhye Machine-Building Design Bureau Progress State Enterprise named after Academician A.G.Ivchenko

The investment attractiveness of Kharkiv

Kharkiv – Strategy of Success!

Official video of KharkivFashion 2017

Geoinformation system

  • IT Cluster
  • Aerospace Cluster "Mechatronics"
  • Cluster NTU KPI
  • Cluster of Culture and Tourism of Kharkiv Region
  • Kharkiv energy cluster

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